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From Property Management to Personal Wellness: A Mother's Journey | Episode 33

August 15, 2023 Joanne Lee Episode 33
Full Spectrum Wellness Podcast
From Property Management to Personal Wellness: A Mother's Journey | Episode 33
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What happens when a devoted mother of three and a property management mogul decides to prioritise wellness in her life? Join us as we chat with Jade Davey, a successful businesswoman who intertwines her passion for raising her boys with her ventures in the property management industry. 

Jade is a proud mum of 3 boys with a diverse background in engineering recruitment and property management. With 9 years of experience in the recruitment industry and 2 years successfully managing her own property management business, she has relied on her organisation, time management and process-driven skills to succeed. She is a passionate individual who brings drive and determination to her business and personal life. She enjoys staying active by running and attending the gym regularly. She also loves to embrace my role as a devoted football Mum spending quality time cheering on her boys from the sidelines! 

Jade's concept of wellness surpasses physical health, extending to mental, emotional, and social aspects of life. Jade unravels the reality behind her journey, revealing the challenges and flexibilities that her business brings.

As Jade navigates her path towards wellness, she encounters hurdles in maintaining a balance between her work and family commitments. How does she manage it all? By instilling discipline within herself to prioritise her wellness. She shares her tactics for time management, her approach to dealing with stress, and her simple self-care routine. Embark on a journey with Jade as she dedicates time to her health, adopting activities like running, skincare, and gym sessions while emphasising the vital role of sleep in her routine.

In the final leg of our conversation, we explore the virtues of resilience, goal-setting, and adaptability. Jade showcases her experience with her son’s transition to a new football team, emphasising the profound impact it had on his life. As we wrap up, she leaves us with a powerful note on the significance of stepping out of comfort zones and embracing growth. Tune in for a rich, enlightening discussion navigating the crossroads of wellness, family, and property management.

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Wellness and Property Management
Challenges in Wellness Journey
Importance of Simple Self-Care Routine
Prioritizing Sleep, Resilience, and Embracing Change
Embracing Growth, Stepping Outside Comfort